Just Friends with Benefits?

by Tori

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Just Friends with Benefits?

I have been best friends with a guy for years. Hadn't seen him for awhile but am staying in the same area as him now so I see him everyday. I kissed him drunk one night which I never thought would happen and I stayed with him for the next few and just cuddled.

One night when we were drunk again, we ended up having sex. I was a bit freaked out and told him I didnt want any thing to come of it, and he was allowed to be with other people because I was going to be.

I was with him a few nights here and there and he always rang me and cuddled me in bed. I kissed a friend of his and he went mad, but then he started being with loads of girls as well.

That was 2 months ago. We have been having sex since then, and I think I'm starting to like him, he always rings me and cuddles me and we get on so well, but he always talks about other girls to me and tries to get me to set him up. I don't care when he's with girls and I have a laugh and set him up. Are we just friends with benefits or is there more?

When we're in bed he always jokes saying that I love him and saying that I better not fall for him because it will be weird and maybe we shouldn't do this anymore, but he's always sober and I'm drunk, but then gives out if I talk about boys or if I'm with anyone, he tells me I can't, but he can.

He's too proud and won't talk about how he feels and neither will I—we just avoid the conversation. But things are starting to get weird. I think I like him, but don't want to say it in case it's just sex for him.

I know he really cares for me, but we both have made it clear it's just sex. I don't want to bring up the conversation or for him to get scared. Are we more than just friends with benefits?

What should I do?

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Jul 28, 2011
just tell him
by: a girl

I really find that you should tell the guy what you feel for him, I have a friend with benefits too and a can admit that it's very hard not to fall in love with a guy you have sex with... If you tell him, you'll know what he feels and that makes it automatically better to understand each other.

Feb 15, 2011
Fuck the feelings and enjoy
by: Anonymous

Well, i have a friend with benefits and i still date other guys... But if you have feelings for him, that's not good...
and, yes, you cuddle and everything but that does not mean that he loves you... you can either leave it on that or you can talk to him and maybe mess things up...if i were you i would leave it like this because you're having fun, so fuck the feelings and enjoy :D

Feb 05, 2011
by: MB Liner

watch "No Strings Attached." ?together.

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