Just him :)

by Elaine

I met him over a year ago. Just randomly in my mate's flat. He was your average guy; but he was different. A mohawk, big shades, band t-shirt and skinnys - and we gently chatted and joked. Then he left. Didn't really think of him again. Until almost 11 months later when I met him again at a friend's party.

Instantly, we were joking and laughing - I didn't initially realise who he was, his hair was long and brown, he didn't have the shades and he was wearing a checkered shirt and skinnys. We spent the evening just constantly giggling, running around, dressing up, drinking; having a laugh. We went to the bedroom where I sat on a chair - he sat on my lap and suddenly kissed me.

Now - six months later we're still together, and I have never been happier. We broke up a few times, but only for a few days until we would email or call each other, saying how much we missed each other. My friends don't like him, and I've lost many because of disagreements over him. But I don't care. He is the best thing to happen to me, he has made me happier than I thought imaginable.

We have so many memories, and just sitting next to him is enough for me. We live quite far apart, and I always go to his - My mother is very religious, she doesn't even know were going out. His family have welcomed me, and I feel so part of the family, it's mad. Ive never really had a proper family. And though we sometimes fall out, it makes us stronger. I love him more than anybody; and I have no intention on losing him anytime soon.

He's just too amazing to not have in my life. I love you baby x If i had to choose between you and oxygen, I'd use my last breath to tell you how much I love you. xxx

From flirting to forever

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