Just Love

by HailieJeann

I am a very goofy person in general, but when i am around my boyfriend I can do the dumbest things in front of him. It's funny how when you're first with your boyfriend/girlfriend you're not quite yourself yet, you want to be this amazing carefree awesome person...

BUT when you've been with them forever you're really who you are, which I think is incredible.
When you first are together you may be outgoing but not all the way, but when you're together for a while you let your true colors show.

It's crazy how love makes us be ourselves and a better person, its like THEY make you a better person.

Just know that whoever you're with that they're with you because they see who you really are and they completely love that about you. Love kinda just finds you in this weird crazy universe. When you have it in your hands don't just throw it away in a trash can where someone else will gladly pick it up and take it for themselves.

Cherish that person, love them unconditionally, be their rock as they will be yours. I know how adults say "kids don't know what love really is" but you know they're wrong.

I love my boyfriend with all my heart, I've known him since seventh grade and been with him ever since. Yeah I might be sixteen but I know what love is. You will know to when it knocks you off your feet. Don't be afraid embrace it.

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