Kids Father Left

My 17 year relationship has just ended because my kids father left. He has been cheating on me with a white woman for the past 4 years. I guess he loves her, but he tells me that he doesn't, then he goes off with her for days.

Me and my boyfriend have broken up before. I have cheated and he has cheated in the past, but he has always stood his ground as a father.

Now, we have been split up for about two months and he is not calling my kids. We have a 1 year old, a five year old and 13 year old. He doesn't even call to check on the 1 year old. He has never acted like this for any other woman he has been with.

Not only is this woman white, but she knew he had a family, but she stuck it out with him. She said he kept telling her that he was there for the kids, but he never really left me. When it was all said and done, I was the one that walked out.

This woman is on drugs she doesn't look just real bad like a bad drug addict, she is an average-okay looking white girl, but it's the fact that she does drugs. His brother did drugs and he beat his brother up. Why is he excusing the fact that she does drugs?

I would have never expected this man to be with someone on drugs. He just was never that type of person. He sold them to her she has lost her good job dealing with him and he is currently broke but it makes me sad that he is excluding my kids out of his life. He says he isn't but I got my daughter her own phone so he wouldnt have to call mine for her but he won't even call her.

I am hurt. It's amazing me how much time he is spending with her, but when we were together it was always he had to go outside and make money, but now he is not trying to do anything.

I questioned was he doing drugs, but he denies he is. He is currently on probation for selling drugs and he sometimes has to take drops and I don't think he has had any problems passing one yet, but this is so out of character for my kids father.

I'm worried about him, but I am full of rage because I feel like he is doing things to get at me and make me mad because we had a very bitter break up. For the past year, it has been nothing but arguing and fighting and calling each other the worst names you could imagine.

What should I do?

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