Left Behind

Afraid You'll Be Single Forever

Left Behind

I sit here,
Patiently longing for your arrival,
I’m left here waiting, wondering
Hoping you might realize
That I’m still here
Praying, pondering, reminiscing
This was our spot, the spot where we fell so Deeply in love
Does that mean nothing at all?
Am I just a figment of your imagination,
A faded image
Crumbled torn and smeared.
Did you ever love me,
Was the sound of my heart thrumming against your chest
Not enough
Am I not worthy,
Not worthy of a love as sweet and generous as yours
I look down as my phone emits a bright light
A text message appears,
From you,
My heart flutters, my breathing unsteady
Salty tears stream down my face
As I read the words, "I’m not coming,"
My heart sinks like the Titanic.
Suddenly I feel faint
My body gives way, and I collapse to the ground
I close my eyes tightly
And fall into a peaceful slumber
Remembering every moment we shared,
Every laugh, every hug, every kiss
I was yours and you were mine,
What happened to Forever and Always baby?
I open my eyes longing to see your face
Only to be disappointed by the starlit night sky.
I lay here
Knowing you will never come back to me
Longing for your arrival
Loving you, Forever and Always.

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