Lesson Learned

by Lauren
(Park CIty UT USA)

Us video chatting

Us video chatting

I have found the love of my life. His name is Adam Eldredge. He is amazing and I'm deeply in love with him. I have known him since I went to school with him in the eighth grade. he was in ninth. We ended up to be really good friends, and people ended up asking us if we were dating. We rolled our eyes and said no.

More and more people asked and we said
"Screw it, lets pretend to date."

So we did, and it turned out I started liking him. He liked me too. so it ended up being real in my head. Then I got really tired of him and we "broke up." Of course I've moved on and had fantasies with other guys who will never date me. But Adam's changed this year. A lot. He seems...I don't know.... different. In a good way.

This year I am in ninth grade. Adam is over at the high school. So I didn't really have anyone to hang around and talk to. Adam and I remained friends because I didn't want another "relationship" with him again.

Into the year, around homecoming week, this kid named Koji asked me out. I thought he was a pretty nice kid, so I said yes. BIG MISTAKE. He wasn't a good boyfriend at all. He was bipolar and broke up with me every 5 days. And another thing he cheated on me.

I have no idea why I cried for him. Maybe I just got so caught up in the fact I had a boyfriend. I loved the experience but it wasn't worth it. But I went through the rest of the time smoothly after he broke up with me. I also vented to Adam about it and realized how much he had changed since last year and I thought "Maybe I should give him another chance." I gave him some space and waited for the right time.

Later on in the year Adam got a girlfriend. I was happy for him. Yet, I don't know why, but I got a little jealous. He was the only non-douche baggy guy in Park City, and I could've gone for him. But it was too late.

I knew it was too late because he told me she was the love of his life and that they were meant for each other. I got a little upset at that. I had lost my chances with a great guy. After I saw he was single on facebook, I freaked out. Part of me was happy, part of me felt really bad for him. Then he told me the story of why he broke up with her.

Then I asked him, "Since you're free, maybe we could date. You seem different this year and I want to give you another chance."

He thought about it and the next day he said, "You know you seem different too, so yeah, let's date for real this time."

I was really happy.

I'm even happier now.

I've found out that we were really meant for each other. He's been hiding under my nose this whole time. He is my everything and without him, I am nothing. His kiss just blanks my mind and all I focus on is him. We have so much in common and he seems like the only one I can be myself with. I love him and he loves me. I always will. <3

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Jul 08, 2015
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by: Sona

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