Life Sucks

by ANonomys
(San Clemente, CA)

When you hate your life you do bad things, right? Well, at least for me this is true. When I started dating and hooking up with guys, I was 12. So since my mom is so restricting and weird, I felt left out of EVERYTHING at school and with friends. So I used guys to make up for it.

My life sucks because after my mom started figuring out the bad things I was doing, she took me out of school. Of course, this only lasted 2 weeks, but that felt like 2 years. I was at home all day, going crazy thinking about how much I was missing out on. All I would do is cry, sleep, and smoke. But then I went back to school and I was so excited.

When I went back, nobody talked to me, nobody cared. On top of that, everyone was super mean to me, and I cried every single day. Nothing has gotten better and nothing ever will, so MY LIFE SUCKS!

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