so i like a boy named Logan. he is the jock. i am the in-between popular girl. he makes it seem like he would rather spend a day with me instead of his friends.

i liked him for awhile but my feeling didn't escalate until we sat together in class, when i teased him about his hot chocolate spill earlier that day. he then started flirting with me. later that day i got his number and he asked who i liked... i told him he had to tell me first but of course he asked first.

i told him i liked him and said i knew he liked this other girl. he told me he liked me too and then asked me out. best day of my life... yes(:
Logan is the kind of guy that will text you all day. will come up and give you a big bear hug and make you like it when you don't want to. he laughs at your mistakes but makes it known that he thought it was cute. he will wait all day in the rain for you. won't mind waiting for you to talk to your friends. when he sees you in the hallway you can see him point to you and say that's her and have a huge smile on his face.

Logan is the best boyfriend you could ask for in your life. and though im only 15 i am in love.

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