Lonely Marriage - Steps to Bring Back Companionship

You may complain of being in a lonely marriage, while your spouse may not admit that there is a problem. If you have interests and your spouse does too, you can find common ground and begin to share and encourage the development of your individual passions, while cultivating areas of interest that you can share.

A recent study by the University of Chicago showed that chronic loneliness is just as dangerous to your health as smoking. When you feel isolated, your immune system shuts down. People are social creatures and we need to feel connected, especially to those we love and spend our lives with.

Whatever you do, don't settle for a lonely marriage. Instead, get your partner involved, first by expressing interest in the subjects your spouse cares about. When you have your spouse's attention, share bits of information on a subject that you feel passion about. Of course, in order to start to bridge the gulf between you, you must be willing to work together, put differences aside and figure out what you can do to create more time together.

This tends to be the biggest issue in a lonely marriage: spending quality time together, but you must make it a priority if you care about your marriage, otherwise, things will just get worse. If you both have jobs and are running kids to after school activities, it can be challenging to find time to focus on each other, but proceed with confidence and you will work it out.

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If you and your spouse both feel lonely in marriage, try doing something new together. Take up something that you never thought you'd try, like ballroom dancing, hiking, bird watching or cross country skiing. Or ask your spouse out on a date. Do something exciting and different, like going wine tasting, taking your spouse on a balloon ride or spending the weekend at a local bed and breakfast. If you can't get away for a couple of days, then set up a weekly date night and take turns surprising each other with unique date ideas. Commit to your date night and make it a priority.

One of the things that makes couples feel lonely in marriage is boredom. Change things up a bit by altering your routine. If you normally watch television at night, turn it off and talk to each other about your dreams and goals together.

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If your budget prevents you from doing new and exciting things to fend off a lonely marriage, try doing simple things like going for a daily walk around the neighborhood or taking a hike on a local trail. Doing things that are physical will increase your physical closeness. Being out in nature and leaving your daily stresses at home, will encourage you to talk and grow closer emotionally and spiritually.

When you talk about how you feel, you will begin to heal your relationship. Fortunately, there are many resources to help you create better communication so you can fix a lonely marriage. Although this requires work, it is worth it because you and spouse will learn what you need to do to nurture and sustain the love in your marriage.

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