by Lisa
(Little Rock, AR, USA)

Hi Laura,

My name is Lisa I'm 26, and single. I have been single for 2 years and have not been able to find a man who wants a serious relationship. My goal was to be married with kids at this age. What should I do to meet a more serious man?


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Feb 03, 2008
Put Yourself First
by: emily

Lisa, I can't help you get a man but what I can give you is a good piece of advise that was given to me some years back. The most important thing in your life, is that you like yourself, and have a full life. If a man comes along (and one will, I promise), and meets you at a time when you have such a happy existence, then he will be chomping at the bit to spend time with you. So what you have to do meanwhile, is make sure that you have a rich and full life - do the things you have always wanted to do, go to dance classes, learn to do something new, keep fit etc. don't focus on having a marriage and babies (you have many fertile years left in you yet - there is no rush!). If you do the latter, you come over as desperate and that is enough to put any but the most needy men off (and you don't want one of them believe me!). BUT, if when men meet you, you are having a great fulfulling life, then you will come over as relaxed and happy - two big qualities that are like man magnets!! Its hard to be alone I know, been there, but what you have to do, for your own well-being, is make your single life as full as possible. and if you feel too down in the dumps to get out there and have this fabulous single life - make yourself do a few things, it will get easier as you relax into it. you might even come to love it so much that you won't want to give up those nights doing your own thing when you do meet Mr Right! good luck. ps, if you are so very down about this that it's depressing you, please see your doctor, it's never worth living with depression for too long, it ruins everything and is so treatable. good luck and GO FOR it GIRL!

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