long distance relationship is getting harder for me

by icah

hi ms laura. im icah, 25 years old. me and my boyfriend are really a happy couple when were really together. but that happiness changes, when he goes abroad to work. we fight 4-5 days a week.

we both don't have any vices, i always stays at home,and he's always in his office or in his room. im not happy anymore, arguing every other day. i always wanted to leave him, but i can't.

im not a flirty type of girl, im shy, and a home buddy type of person. but i dont know why he's not happy and he's demanding. always jealous. sometimes out of his mind.

i quit my job, i stop making a sidelines for him. just to chat him and talk via webcam.
i feel im not complete. he always wants me to do what he says. and he's getting upset for the little things that i cant do to him.. i dont want to be a robot type of girl just to make him happy. and everytime i ask him, about my happiness and to be fair?

he says that working abroad, i need to understand his situation.. but for me I DO UNDERSTAND HIM. i always do the things that can make him happy, but sometimes, i kept thinking that maybe he doesn't really know my feelings..

i want to end our relationship for so many times.. what should i do? i want to do things for my own sake, without worrying about him. without worrying that i could hurt him. but how?

i always do the things that he wants, but he's not satisfied. i quit everything.......
i also want to be happy.. please help me.. im waiting for your advice.. were 2 yrs now, and were planning to get married... i want to, but i cant take him anymore...

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Dec 06, 2010
long distance relationship
by: Anonymous

i am also in a long distance relationship. our lovestory is one of a kind i can say. haha. i met him in the wrong time. why? because we've been together for just a month. he's about to leave for the states but it never became a reason for us to just stop fighting.

yes, i may agree really it is hard. specially when you fight online. unlike if your together u can jst give a hug or a kiss and everything would be fine. but its not like that in a LDR.

Understanding is the key. and if you really love the person, breaking-up is the last option. but if you feel that you love yourself more than him, then, give it a try to do what you really want.

think to where you'll be happy. with him or without him? you said, you gave up almost everything for him? well, its not sacrifice, its love. but if you count all the things you did for him, then you have to think. am i doing the right thing? can i stand and live with this kind of person with the rest of my life? will be happy doing what he want?

'cause believe me, I'm an extrovert kind of person, i love partying, drinking the whole night, devilish, haha. but i stopped and behave for us. i didn't do that 'cause he want it. i did that because i love him. do get my point? you must do things not because he told u so but because u want to do it for your relationship because at the end of the day, if your really not meant to be. u wont blame him. and loving is not counting what you have done for the person. because its not only for him, its for the both of you. :)

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