Long Distance Relationship Problems

by Ola

I met someone last year and we hit it off spectacularly. The relationship is a long distance relationship (LDR) which was fine at first, but it seems the separation is sadly starting to take it's toll.

I am concerned that he is not doing enough to keep the emotional connection between us alive and seems to think that chatting online every night, text messages and a phone call scattered here and there is all it's going to take.

I keep telling him we are a young couple in a long distance relationship. This is very difficult and we need to work on keeping the love alive, but I can't get through to him.

Now we fight practically everyday and I have no idea what to do anymore. I don't want to fight, but these things bother me and when I bring them up, he gets upset because he believes he is doing all he can already and furthermore has wonderful intentions for the future and I'm just complaining about him which is not true.

More recently, he forgot our anniversary and the next day, I told him and he goes why didn't I remind him the day before and I only kept it to myself because I wanted to wait so I could complain about him which is completely absurd.

Fighting is a complete waste of time which sucks much needed energy and I am tired of it especially since most of the fighting is conducted through sms or yahoo messenger instead of face to face.

I do not wish to end the relationship and neither does he but again, I do not know what to do any more. How we can resolve our long distance relationship problems?

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Sep 28, 2009
Long Distance Relationships Are Hard
by: Savannah

Long distance relationships are hard. Yes, they suck. Any relationship will always be tested with time. And not just time alone.

So far, you sound like you are bending to whatever force is trying to break your relationship. Never forget though that a relationship will never work if it is one sided. So if you think that both of you are not ready for the challenges of a long distance relationship, do not prolong the agony.

Sep 24, 2009
Long Distance Relationship - I Know How It Is
by: Anonymous

Being in a long distance relationship is very hard. Not everyone is up to it. I've been married to my husband for 3 years and out of those 3 years, I have only been physically with him for one year. The other 2 years he has been in Iraq.

We argued all the time at first over the littlest things. but you guys have to really talk about your problems.

What is it that is bothering you or him? My suggestion -- get a webcam -- that helped us a lot!

I got to see him all the time. He wasn't with me at home, but it felt like it. You can also do web chat which is where you can see him on your computer and talk to him at the same time and you can even spice things up through the webcam. We women are very creative with our minds..lol..show him that the love and connection you guys once had is still there.

Don't give up until you feel like there is no hope, but until then, hold your ground and make it work.

My husband is still in Iraq and we have the best relationship because we have great communication. A relationship doesn't have to be based on sex because if it is, honestly, it isn't going anywhere.

Speak your heart. Communicating is how people understand each other. Talk about a webcam and talk about future plans...when you're gonna see him or vice versa....have faith and make it work.

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