Long distance relationship

by kiara

I just want to ask you something ma'am about my fiance and I. He's actually away from me now, he's working in Korea. And now, we're only communicating with each other through chatting online.

I'm a Filipino. I met my fiance on a dating site. We got to meet in person 2 weeks after we met online. When he went home to Korea, I was really sad and was always crying.

I just can't imagine myself without him, so when we chatted the day that he arrived back home, he promised me that he would come back and I believe him.

Still there is a problem. Whenever we talk to each other, he's playing either an online or offline game at the same time. He always wants me to talk, and sometimes he doesn't respond very quickly to what I've said because he's playing, right?

Whenever I remind him that it's his turn to talk and ask if he has a topic to discuss, he says, "I don't know." This makes me feel bad. After a silence, he'll talk about the game he's playing.
So I just go with the flow.

We talked about this and after that, he invited me to play an online game with him. I played and after that, he asked me if I liked because he wanted to buy it for me. But I don't want to play games; I want to talk to him. Still, I said, yes.

My question is; Do you think he really loves me? Do you think he feels the same way that I feel when I tell him that it's his turn to talk and he has nothing to say?

I love him, but it seems like all I do is control my temper ... control myself ... trying not to get mad because I feel like he's always ignoring me.

Anyway, ma'am, I hope you will give me an answer to my question.

Thank you,


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Nov 26, 2008
same situation
by: rhea

i'm a filipino too..
i'm in a long distance relationship, just like you.
my boyfriend \ignores my calls and emails sometimes.
when this happens, i'm pretty sure he's watching a movie on his computer..i hate to ask him why he ignores me because i always get the answer I DONT KNOW.

Aug 28, 2008
by: ronahjsun@hotmail.com


i have a quite few friends that are Korean. I'm a also a Filipino, and I know how you feel. Before telling you what I thought about your relationship with a Korean guy, let me tell you first the nature of Korean people specially guys. They are the people that are somewhat very hardworking and wants to accomplish great things. From the way I see it to my friends, they work hard for the things they believe in. From your letter I can see that the guy your into is in just for fun, no offend to the guy, but I have talk to them, I mean Korean guy, yes, they do like the filipina, coz, they think that ladies in th e Philippines are kind, thoughtful and caring. But if you're really are serious about this guy, the korean guy expected you to serve them. Yes, serve it is, that's how they treat their women in terms of marriage, the guy is mostly superior and do the decision making, so if you really is up to married the guy, get used to be not his center of attention. I know a Korean family that when they do went out, the mother usually sets in the back, and the husband drive, coz it means the husband takes control. No offend to the Korean people but compare to the Filipino culture, we are free spirited and conscious to the people we love. If you're up to the challenge, why not...

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