Long Distance Relationship

Me and my girlfriend has been together for about 4 months now. I know it haven't been long since we started dating. She is 16 turning 17 this year and i am unfortunately 18 which means i need to enroll in college. I am currently in Washington, Pullman and will be attending the university in my district. I used to live in a island called Saipan and i moved out here for college. My girlfriend will be in Saipan. Before i left, she said she is ready to do Long Distance relationship with me. However, unfortunately the time zone difference is way too big. It is almost 12 hours difference which means when she is up, i will be sleeping. when i am up, she will be sleeping. I seriously don't know what to do. I don't want to lose her. And i think she feels the same. for now since my university haven't started yet, i wake up super early in the morning just to say goodnight and have a small chat before she sleeps. But i am not sure if i will be able to do that when i start enrolling in college. Any tips or any suggestions you could give for me? I really want this relationship to mean something. and even though this might not work out, i still want to go as far as i can with her. Thanks for giving me your time.

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