Long Distance Romance

by arfah
(Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia)

Long Distance Romance

I'm in a long distance relationship. We started in college 2 years ago and now he is studying in the UK. I'm in Malaysia.

It's been almost 3 years now, but it's become tougher. My mom passed away on the same day he had to leave for the UK and then, the hardship started.

I noticed he couldn't manage problems. A lot of factors contributed to the shaky relationship. Time difference, and more.

At a point, I was so tired of him because he wasn't putting much effort into the long distance romance. I told him that we should get engaged, but he said he preferred to have a degree first...which takes another 2 years.

I'll be finishing next year and I'm ready for an engagement. During this period, it is better for me to start preparing myself and get to know his family, etc.
Finally, he admitted that he was not ready.

I don't get him. Why is it so hard? He said he's afraid he couldn't commit to studies and engagement and yet, he still wants to keep me and love me. But why can't he prove it to me?
We are going to be apart for 3 years. Shouldn't he leave me with something to hold on tight to?

Help. What should I do about this long distance romance?

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