Lost Love!!!

by Vrysela Grace

My husband is a really nice guy actually he is a dream boy, so the problem is that many girls propose to him and try to impress him so that he can carry away with them, but he also knows his limits, but what happens is, many girls try to make him emotionally bound to them. For example, one of them shared that she was mentally disturbed and consulting a psychiatrist to overcome this and he melted and carried away with her with lots of care and responsibility to make her feel comfortable and relaxed so that she could live a normal life again. This time, he didn't ask me anything and he kept his relations or friendship with her. I was shocked when I came to know that after a year

he still had contact with her. What do I do ... I am not able to understand his behavior. I am shocked that he is involved with somebody else, and I was not aware of all this. I am really upset. The only thing that comes to my mind is that I should either join a mental asylum or go away from my home to somewhere else. Sometimes, I feel I should commit suicide. I feel like I'm lost, I m waiting for him to stay together since last 10 yrs, first 7 yrs of affair and after marriage he settled abroad and I was expecting that we would live together from now on, but the situation is worse now. What should I do?

I can't question him any more and he feels that I don't trust him.

Please help me.

What to do?

Save your marriage

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