Love and Puzzling Thong Panties

by 45init


I'm 42 and my ex-wife is 41. My ex-wife is Korean. We have been separated for 4 years and divorced for 1 year. We get along pretty well. We have a daughter, so I have to see my ex-wife often. I'm still attracted to her but I know that we will never remarry or date each other again and probably shouldn't but I still feel kind of obsessed with her I guess is the right word cuz I used to really love her.

She feels practically nothing for me now. She used to but she likes her new single life. She told me she doesn't want another man in her life and she says she isn't dating anyone.

Anyway, this is what I'm curious about. When we were dating 10 years ago and throughout our marriage, she never wore thong or string bikini style panties. I wanted her to if only just in the bedroom cuz it is a turn on for me cuz she is such a beautiful woman. I'll send you a pic if you want.

I finally got her to agree to some skimpy string bikini style panties, not thongs. the kind with the full back but the string sides. However, she only wore them on occasion in the bedroom and that was fine with me. I loved her not her panties.

Now she told me she refused to wear thongs ever cuz she thought they looked uncomfortable and she as a korean woman didn't think it was proper to wear them. She has a korean friend the same age who wore them, but still that didn't convince her.

Ok, so that was then. flash forward to now. I noticed something weird. Well, I visited her place to hang out with our daughter. She had many errands to run and she was out of the house.

Anyway, I used the restroom where the clothes hamper was and the lid was open, so I looked inside and I noticed she had two pairs of the string bikini panties that we bought together a few years earlier. I thought that was strange cuz she only wore those when I begged her to before sex as kind of a turn on.

I got very curious so I ventured into her bedroom and snooped around her drawers (bad invasion of privacy I know and I feel bad).

I found her panties and they looked cute and fairly sexy but not daring at all just like I remember, but at the very bottom.... hidden underneath it all I found two pairs of tiny little T-Back panties. Thongs! What the heck, I thought. What's going on?

My mind has been racing. In your honest opinion what do you think is happening? If you just have no idea what is your best guess. I'm dying to figure this out.

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Nov 25, 2008
Thong Panties Are a Sign
by: Dillon

Look, dude, your ex-wife obviously has some fantasies that she is just dying to play out. But you need to learn how to get her thinking of you again.

Try this book, it worked for me.

I got my ex-wife back ... and she's much better (i.e., more adventurous than before!)

Hey, man, understand that it just takes time for some people to be honest about their sexuality.

Aug 21, 2008
Love and Thong Panties
by: Laura Love

I'd say this is a case of delayed adolescence. Your ex-wife probably enjoys the way she feels when wearing thongs, but could not share that part of herself with you because it felt private, primarily because she may be so constrained by what it means to be thought of as proper.

Secretly, however, she likes the feeling which is why she's purchased some thong panties. In a way, you gave her the permission to do so, but she is still hiding. She hides them in the drawer under all her other panties in the same way that she hides her secret sexual self that she is unwilling to share even with a man who loved her.

If she is true to her word and does not get involved with another man, then this secret will remain a secret and she will not get to have the pleasure and sense of liberation that comes with exploring what she considers to be the darker side of her sexual self.

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Laura Love

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