love at first sight

by kazzyy
(london, england, united kingdom)

this isn't my story but it is of someone i know.

she is quite a famous doctor and is very smart. she went to the UK's best schools and she comes from the small and poor country of bangladesh. she was always told during her life to do things for the poor when she grew up so when she took 2 weeks off, she went to bangladesh and was doing free treatment to the poor. bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world and is full of poor people. she treated about 70 people a day for 5 days straight and then she decided to take a break for a day.

the hero of this story is a cricket player. he plays only small matches but is quite well known. one day, he was bored and his parents were going on about him marrying and having a family when his dad started comparing him to someone in the newspaper. something about a girl who was making her country proud... had a lot of heart and genorosity, and was helping the poor. she was only 25.

this made him angry. he was one year older than her and he was being compared to her. he got annoyed. his dad cursed him and left the room, throwing the newspaper on the floor.
he got up and picked it up. the picture made his heart beat faster. she was absolutely beautiful. her eyes were deep brown and she looked the shy, quiet type. can anyone be so beautiful and smart and perfect at the same time...? he thought. he had to meet her, but he knew that was impossible. she was so famous throughout bangladesh because of this free treatment thing.

he was so angry. he thought about her day and night nonstop and prayed very hard to at least meet her. the next day. he went for a drive and oh - so - coincidentally she just happened to go for a drive too. there was an accident on one of the main roads so they both just happened to stop at a cafe. he entered first and sat down. obviously as soon as she entered someone shouted out who she was and everyone crowded around her. he had a feeling it was her but was too shocked to believe that this would happen. he squeezed through the crowd and looked at her. she was trying to look down and ignore the people around her. it was real. he couldn't believe his eyes. she was so perfect. her skin soft and fair, her eyes deep with long lashes she had rosy cheeks and soft rosy lips. he had gone to heaven.

this wasn't it though. the thing that made his heart absolutely melt was the fact that she was absolutely natural. no makeup , no fake lashes nothing. she seemed so simple, humble.. sweeet. exactly what he was looking for. at that moment she looked up and for about 2 seconds they stared at each other absolutely speechless, both of them. he wished he put more effort into his looks now. she looked away and down at her feet. he looked down as well, only to realize that her small shoes black and simple, had something on them. it was his shoe. he quickly moved them feeling like a stupid idiot. this was once in a lifetime's chance and he stepped on her feet.

he couldn't forget the way she looked at him though, as if she know him all his life and he knew her. he blushed and apologized, not quite sure what to expect. she laughed. it was the most beautiful sound he had ever heard. it was a little laugh but his heart melted. it sounded like the most beautiful waterfall eve, trickling away. he blushed more. the crowd started pushing and shoving now but the cafe owners got some people to push the crowd away. he was still staring at her when someone put their hand on his shoulder and started pushing him. he didn't know what to do... all he shouted was sorry again and again before she said something to the man that was holding him. he couldn't quite hear because of the level of noise in the background. the guy came up to him and let him through apologizing. he was confused but he went.

as the squeaky door closed, silence filled the air. it as only the two of them in the room and an old couple at the back. he muttered sorry again before she laughed. he felt his heartbeat rising. sit down with me, she said. her voice was perfect. not high but still girly. sweet. she didn't say it forcefully or demandingly, it was more of a question. then she apologized. in bengali she asked if he can talk english. her bengali language was perfect as well. he nodded. he wasn't fluent but he could talk and understand most of it. she sat and he sat opposite her. the waitress came and she ordered a bottle of water. she asked him and he nodded staring at her. she laughed again and asked what him what he would like. all he could say was you. so she asked him if he would like the same as her and he nodded. she laughed and ordered it. she turned back around and asked him if he had trouble speaking.

he thought he was about to die of embarrassment then. he blushed and she said sorry and she didn't mean to offend him and then he started talking. here was their conversation.

"sorry, if i offended you"
"it's okay. it's my fault"
"why were you struggling to talk? are you okay?"
"yeah. i'm fine. it's just... i'm shocked"
"because i'm sitting here in front of you"
"what's wrong with me?"
"nothing... everything is going wrong today"
"nothing. look, why did you keep me back?"
"because i saw your bruise and thought i should look at it?"
"the briuse on your arm?"

he looked at his arm and remembered that during his practice he hurt his arm. this made him forgot all about it. and now his dreams were shattered. she didn't like him. she wasn't interested in him, she was interested in his bruise.

"can i have a look at it... if you don't mind?"
"yeah... sure"

she came over and looked at it. she picked up his hand with her beautiful hands and it sent a shiver down his spine. her hand was soft and so warm. she was leaning over him and he could feel her warm breath. he had never fallen in love before and all of this was a new thing for him. he was sweating now. she was so close. he looked into her eyes they were creased in concentration and he coudn't help but smile. as she touched the bruise, he winced. she dropped his arm and apologized. he said it was nothing; she could carry on but she just told him how to take care of the bruise and said she had to leave.

he tried to ask her stay for longer by asking her questions but she said she was in a hurry, and she left...

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