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She loves me and talks to me everyday, she says she loves me and I love her too, but she's dating someone who she just can't seem to let go, but the guy always makes her cry and she comes to me saying things like "I'm crying cause of him" and I always cheer her up but in the end she always ends up going back to him no matter what, its fucked up too cause he always cheats on her and she knows it too but she doesn't dump him.

Things like this hurt my heart sometimes enough to make me cry but I cried only once, probably cause I'm a sensitive guy. Things like these are hard to figure out cause it's painful to see them together knowing the things that he does to her, but even though she's with him, she always has a smile on her face.

I wanna tell her "what do you see in him that makes you wanna go back to him no matter what he does to you." What would she think of me, would she not like me anymore because of what i think of her boyfriend.

No matter what I do or say seems to affect how she thinks of her boyfriend and it kind of makes me mad knowing that I try so hard to make her happy but get nothing but the words "I Love You" in return, when she could be saying this to her boyfriend everyday.

The question is who does she really love, me or her boyfriend? When I think about it, I obviously think it's not me, but her boyfriend. One day I'll need to tell her I'm not going to be here forever and and I won't always be able to cheer her up, and if you love him, then maybe we should end this so-called relationship that we have because in the end I'm the one who's feeling all the pain.

Dealing with this is very hard for me because...I guess it's because she's the first girl to fall in love with me and me with her, but I just don't know what to do anymore. I can't keep this up for much longer.

Maybe my heart also hurts because I don't think she loves me anymore, I think she says it just because she pities me. I just don't know anymore.

When I see them together I try to keep my cool, so what I usually do is ignore them cause I can't deal with them. I don't talk to her when they're together only when she's alone, she's knows it too cause she onced asked me "how come you don't talk to me when he's with me" and what I ended up saying is "I don't know" and I think I'm pretty stupid for saying that when I should've told her the truth.

Me and her boyfriend don't like each other but we shake hands.....actually i don't even know why we shake hands, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't like me because when I was chilling with her and he saw us and then she said to me "damn he's hella mad at me right now" then she got up and left me to go check up on him.

She texted me later saying "sorry that was rude of me" I said "naw don't worry about it, it's cool" then I asked why was he mad and she said because I was sitting next to you.

I don't know what to do with this girl anymore I love her but now I'm starting to think she doesn't love me anymore.


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