Love Calculators - Why They're Just a Game

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... you may have used one in the past to determine the compatibility of you and your partner. Recently, I came across one site that told me that my husband and I (who have been married for almost 18 years and together for 24) were not compatible. It made this prediction solely on the basis of our first names.

Although using a love calculator may be a fun way to spend a couple of moments and play around with the idea of how compatible you are with the person you are dating, don't put much stock in the results. What matters is not what some computer algorithm predicts, but what you and your partner bring to your relationship. It's all about your ability to build a strong bond that can endure the challenges that two people inevitably face when they decide to make a life together.

Instead of using a software program, I recommend you read this book that tells you how to really get to know the person you are dating. It teaches you how to see into a person's character, and ultimately, this will be the greatest predictor of happiness in a relationship with a particular partner.

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Of all the sites I visited, only one admitted that their love calculator was unscientific. Despite that, it predicted my future with my husband with swagger and confidence. Here is what it said: "Gee, why are you thinking about this person? You have as much chance as Tommy Lee and Pamela. Anna Nicole Smith and that old guy are more compatible. Try again."

Okay, I admit this is kind of funny, but some people actually use this information as a basis for making a decision about whom to spend their life with. I'm glad I consulted my heart rather than some computer program long ago when I finally said yes to my husband the fourth time he proposed. (Yes, when it came to marriage, I was a heel-dragger. Actually, the thought simply terrified me.)

Another love calculator that I found online was a bit more sophisticated and claimed to be based on real data. It predicted the outcome of my marriage based on my husband and my astrological signs and year of birth. We are both Leos and the site advised that "putting two Leos together is not a good idea." It did predict that "in the unlikely case of this relationship working out, it will be pretty great." Pretty great? Yikes, who taught these folks to write English?

This site touted itself as much more scientific than the others, so I decided to put it to the test. When I replaced my husband's date of birth, with my brother's date of birth, it predicted a compatible union. Now that's scary!

Of course the love site had no way of knowing that the two dates of birth I entered were for siblings. And that's the point. A love calculator cannot take into account all the details and history of your relationship with another human being. Is it okay to use one anyway? Sure, as long as you remember that it's just a game.

If you really want to know if the person who you are dating has what it takes to create a long term relationship, keep your eyes and ears open and ask that question of your heart.

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