Love in Its Goofiest Times

by Shelley Schmalz

Love. The stories say that love is a beautiful, magical thing, but we often forget that stories are mostly imaginary. In reality love is silly, abnormal, and strange to those who have never felt the passion that comes from loving someone.

Even to those who have felt that burning passion, love still seems like a strange thing. Love is that little boy throwing sand at that little girl, because he secretly likes her. It's boys and girls tormenting each other because they like each other.

Love is watching the person you love fall on their butt and you fall right after them, just so they aren't alone in it. It's making an idiot out of yourself in front of your friends just so your love will forgive you.

It's those tiny, goofy acts of love that we overlook day by day. The simplicity and funniness to being in love is something we all forget.

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