love in the context of a dreamer

by emilee jackson

why do adults say that young people don't know what love is? if we don't then what is it that we yearn for and dream about? our vision of love- someone who thinks we're beautiful at our worse, someone who can tease me and be my best friend. love is when i can simply look at that person and the whole world disappears and it's just me and him/her. when i somehow love the faults of that special someone. when i can stay on the phone for hours and not talk because just to hear them breathe would be enough. a person who makes my heart beat slower and faster all at the same time. someone i can be myself with. a person that is a brother/sister, a best friend, a lover, a protector, and so much more all rolled up into one. a person i'm willing to do anything for and ask for nothing in return. someone i can be 100% comfortable with.

when i find someone with all of these qualities does that mean i'm in love?

i'm thirteen and that's what i think love is. but hey, i could be wrong.

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