Love is .........??


Though I'm going to be 40, it seems the heart never grows old.

I wonder how many of us in this stage are still wondering about Love.

I'm divorced for 2 years and I met a guy who I really fell for, but we never had a serious relationship, I mean, no sex. We spend so much of our time on the phone & sms goes out seldom but I do LOVE him. And something went wrong: he got jealous about my ex who still wants me back and still begging me back..

Then time has swiftly passed and I met another guy who I consider a funny and entertaining guy. He is not handsome, just charming by his own wits. I'm not sure if I do love him but if he is far and not calling me I'm feeling weak and sad..but I know I don't have a love like what I feel to my first boyfriend.

He is so much different from all the guys I met. he is so thoughtful in every way from A to Z.
Now he is trying to tell me that he is going to be 30 and he wants to marry already. He is younger than me by 10 years.

I'm scared I cannot give him children which he tries to tell me at least he wants 2 or 3 children of his own. I myself have one.

Now my problem is my ex hubby and my first boyfriend is now trying to call me and win me back. Actually, my boyfriend loves me but he has a lack of understanding.

I am now very confused. Please give me some advice or share your experience so I can have some good ideas.

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Mar 27, 2009
Pump Your Breaks
by: Spiritually-Minded

It seems that you haven't taken time to figure out what you want. You would not be in this game of tug-pf-war with these men if you had taken the time to ask yourself what it is that you really want. These guys don't seem to know what they want. Push them off!

They need to listen to what it is that they are saying to you and to make sure their words match their actions.

Why do you still communicate with your ex? Access the reasons why you are no longer together and what has changed from then to now. Boyfriend #1, needs to grow up and to get past his insecurities about you and your ex. Especially if the ex is the father of your child. As for his understanding, only prayer will help him. You cannot give him children and that is the end of that, no more discussion needed.

Boyfriend #2, should be given a fair chance without interference from the two who can't make up their minds. Look within yourself, decide what it is you want from a man, then get one that meets your standards, and is not asking you to put yours down for his.

You are 40, single, and making on your own. What can they add, NOT SUBTRACT FROM YOUR LIFE.

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