Love Is Pain

by KG

I met this boy in pre-school & we have been going to school together since then. It was love at first sight (for me at least). I tried my best to get his attention in pre-school and in kindergarten, he made me cry (this wouldn't be the last time). In first grade we starred in a play together as Santa & Mrs. Claus. It made me so happy but he thought nothing of it or me. In sixth grade, he was really fiesty and I liked it lol. Then in seventh grade we finally went out but he was the jealous type. He couldn't deal with all the dudes that were around me all the time so he broke up with me. In eighth grade, he broke my heart by going out with two of my close friends after he told me he was really thinking about going with me again. I helped him get rid of the first girl at his request and without knowing it helped him get with my other friend. I confessed my "crush" to him that summer but he said he was trying to make it work with my other friend so anything between us couldn't possibly happen. That night, I cried over him again. I cried so hard that I cried myself to sleep. I was officially over him. Well that's what I thought until I found out he was dating my best friend at the beginning of this year (9th grade). That brought a whole new definition to the words "hurt" and "betrayed". The worst thing is my friends & I have a rule that if one of us wants to date the other one's ex, they have to ask us first. Neither one of them asked me so that made me not want to talk to them ever. But I knew that wouldn't help the situation so I acted like I didn't care. I recently confessed my love for him to him and I told him all of the details about what he has done to me and what I have been through on account of him. Through this on-going 11 year (and counting) emotional rollercoaster, I have learned that love is pain.

Yearning for a lost love

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May 03, 2008
by: AnGeL`oF`dEaTh```

yes it's true that love is pain and it sucks ... I HATE LOVE ;(

Mar 30, 2008
by: me

Simple but yet full of meaning. You made it clear to show the reader what pain he put you through. This is very true when it comes to love. The other is always blinded.

But yes I agree, Love is pain ...

I like this ...

Keep writing.

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