Love or Be Loved

by isabella beatriz laurel

I really love this guy but he has a girlfriend. And I believe he feels something for me too since he would not exert so much effort to be with me if he didn't care.

He told me that he feels something for me but doesn't know what to do about the situation yet.

Then, here comes another guy who's been a friend of mine. I liked him before but I can't say if I still have feelings for him like I used to....He told me he loves me, which was the shock of my life since I never expected him to say it.

Now I'm confused about who to choose: someone who loves me or someone who I love. Please help. I'm in dilemma!

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Sep 25, 2009
For Penny
by: Anonymous

Actually, he said he loves me, but according to him, he is not that bad so to just leave his girlfriend.

As for the second guy, we are really close friends, but I transferred to another employer, so we didn't have the chance to talk like we used to and aside from that, I was in a relationship that time and he thought we were happy then, but the truth is we were falling apart.

I don't know if I should wait and stick with guy #1 guy since I'm in love with him or what.

Sep 24, 2009
No Dilemma
by: Penny

I don't see the dilemma because guy #1 isn't free for you to have and even if he was, he hasn't said he loves you. You have said he "cares and is doing whatever it takes to be with you, on the side/behind closed doors", not openly.

Why is he still with his girlfriend IF he wants to be with you? If he wanted to be with you, he would be!

Don't fall for the line he is giving you about not knowing what to do in the situation with his girlfriend. This should tell you something. You love this guy and if you're not careful, you will get hurt. It seems he knows how you feel about him and is using you.

Guy #2. Could be just talking...saying anything or what he knows it would take to get you back. Besides, you said, "You don't have the same feelings for him as you once did."

By the way, you never said what happened between you and him in the first place when you were going with him...why did it end?

Sep 24, 2009
Follow Your Heart Always

It's your true guide. It's God trying to speak to you. Sit in a quiet place and listen.

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