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Melt his heart: Video shows how to make your man want you forever.

breaking up :'(

Hi. I just broke up with my boyfriend (A). Sorry about my english but i'm from Europe. We were in the same class in high school and we were best friends.

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broken heart

i have been with my boyfriend for long, its of recent when he tried to tease me on how he is expecting a child from another woman, thought these where

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How can I make a long distance relationship work?

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for almost 5 months. But we both live in different states, how can I make our relationship last for a long time? And

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love marrige against caste system

Hi Laura My name is Ajit and i have love relationship with Maratha Caste girl and as per Indian caste structure i am belong to Buddhist caste.We both

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am i looking for love in the wrong place

Ive been in a relationship for five months with a man that was once married just getting out of his marriage is it wrong for me to have so many mixed feelings

Continue reading "am i looking for love in the wrong place"

The Massage

Set up the atmosphere at your home with some strongly sensual music (preferably instrumentals - lyrics can be distracting), scented candles, rose petals

Continue reading "The Massage"

Re-Solutions for Ley

Rarely do I make resolutions, for I am a perfectionist and the typical New Year's resolutions are a nearly guaranteed way for me to fail over the upcoming

Continue reading "Re-Solutions for Ley"

Best and worst year of my life

My husband and I have been married 8 1/2 years. This past summer turned into the worst time in my entire life. Let me start at where I think everything

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Love and Marriage Quotes

Love and marriage quotes that tell the truth about relationships.

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Long Distance Love Quotes

Long distance love quotes and pining for each other when apart.

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Leadership Tools: The Importance of Inspiration

Leadership tools: The best motivators are words of inspiration that awaken the potential in others.

Continue reading "Leadership Tools: The Importance of Inspiration "

Top 13 Law of Attraction Quotes

Law of Attraction quotes - favorite sayings from the movie The Secret.

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Im Sorry Love Quotes - Apologizing to the One You Love

Im sorry love quotes with tips for making things right.

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Passionate Italian Love Quotes

Italian love quotes that express the burning desire of romantic love.

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Beautiful Latin Love Quotes

Latin love quotes about relationships.

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