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Love Quotes for Myspace ...Love Quotes for Myspace - the quotations you put on your Myspace page reveal who you are and what you love. Select a quote that speaks to you, have the courage to show your heart. As you show people who you are and what you love, you'll discover who you truly are, beyond all your ideas and self-perceptions. And isn't that what Myspace is supposed to be about—a means of expressing who you are?

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Love Quotes for Myspace

When it's right you can't say
Who is kissing whom.

~ Gregory Orr

We've got this gift of love,
but love is like a precious plant,
You've got to keep watering it.
You've got to really look after it
and nurture it.

~ John Lennon

love quotes for myspace

The essence of love is good communication.
Communication is a skill that can be learned.
Learn how to communicate with your loved one Love Quotes for Myspace

Standing beside you,
I took an oath
to make your life simpler
by complicating mine
and what I always thought
would happen did:
I was lifted up in joy.

~ David Ignatow

There are no ten Commandments when it comes to love;
there is only one: to love unconditionally.

~ Marlene Dietrich

Without warning
as a whirlwind
swoops on an oak
Love shakes my heart.

~ Sappho

Love Quotes for Myspace

Loving should be fun and self-improving,
not self-reducing and servile.

~ Molara Ogundipe-Leslie

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Love is our true destiny. We do not find
the meaning of life by ourselves alone—
we find it with another.

~ Thomas Merton

Only from the heart can you touch the sky.

~ Rumi

Love is the river of life in the world.

~ Henry Ward Beecher

Our first teacher is our own heart.

~ Cheyenne

Love Quotes for Myspace - Myspace Love Quotes

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