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Love quotes from movies ...

... can give us insights into our primary relationships and how we can better nurture them. Movies can often inspire us or help us to see something that we couldn't see before.

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Love Quotes from Movies

Do you ever put your arms out and just spin and spin and spin? Well, that's what love is like. Everything inside of you tells you to stop before you fall, but you just keep going.

~ Practical Magic

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There is a place you can touch a woman that will drive her crazy—her heart.

~ Milk Money

To love is to suffer. To avoid suffering, one must not love; but then one suffers from not loving. Therefore, to love is to suffer, not to love is to suffer, to suffer is to suffer. To be happy is to love; to be happy then is to suffer, but suffering makes one unhappy; therefore to be unhappy one must love or love to suffer or suffer from too much happiness. I hope you're getting this down.

Love and Death

Love Quotes from Movies

I always thought that there was this one perfect person for everybody in the world, you know, and when you found that person the rest of the world kind of magically faded away, and, you know, the two of you would just be inside this kind of protective bubble, but there is no bubble, I mean if there is you have to make it, I just think life is more than a series of moments, you know, we can make choices, and we can choose to protect the people we love, and that's what makes us who we are and those are the real memories.

~ Force of Nature

love quotes from movies

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Look, I guarantee there'll be tough times. I guarantee that at some time, one or both of us is gonna want to get out of this thing. But I also guarantee that if I don't ask you to be mine, I'll regret it for the rest of my life, because I know, in my heart, you're the only one for me.

~ Runaway Bride

Love Quotes from Movies

My husband and I fell in love at first sight... maybe I should have taken a second look.

Crimes and Misdemeanors

Be the woman your man adores and never wants to leave simply by being yourself

Love won't obey our expectations—its mystery is pure and absolute.

~ Bridges of Madison County

Tell her that you love her. You've got nothing to lose, and you'll always regret it if you don't.”

~ Love Actually

Love Quotes from Movies - Movie Quote

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