Love Triangle Woes


This is about a guy whom I love a lot. We have been best friends for the past year. he helps me a lot. We grew quite close after I told him about my feelings for him. He said that he had the same feelings for me. It was one of my most precious moments in my life.

Later, we both realised that we could not look forward to an open relationship because he was committed to a girl from our school. I've known her for about 2 years and she is a very good friend of mine. So he and I decided to continue as best friends, like we were before.

Everything was going okay with him because his feelings towards me were as a friend, but in my case, this wasn't so.

For me, he is and will be my best friend, but the thing is I have feelings for him as a lover too. I couldn't drop them completely. In fact, my feelings for him are growing day by day.

I haven't told him about this "thing" that i have for him because if I do, I am afraid that it will ruin his relationship with the other girl. I don't want that to happen. I just want to see him happy, but at times I wish that I could be the other girl.

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