Love Yourself First

by rittug

believe in GOD

believe in GOD

i fell in love with this guy when i was 26. i thought it was true love and that i was blessed. soon i discovered that he was cheating on his wife as well as me.

i was from a pretty rich and a known respected family. he often kept coming and going, i mean sometimes he said he loved me, sometimes he said he did not.

i ended up very very confused. i was so very vulnerable that i tried committing suicide a few times but got help at the right time or might be god wanted me to live. whatever by the grace of god i survived. but my heart was broken and it hurts and hurts real bad.

its been 16 years, i am still in love with this person, hoping he might love me the way i love him. my hope never dies.

during all this time I went through a very tough times. our business just collapsed and we lost a very huge amount of wealth and respect. by this time he was better off than me.

once he said i was in love with him because he was a multimillionaire. my heart just stopped its beats for a while. i couldn't believe what he said. that one sentence of his just turned my feelings into ashes.

i loved him since he was nothing and i was way better than him and now when i am going through my tough days, he accuses me of loving him for his money.

we often had fights, we fought like cats and dogs but i laughed later over it assuming those were love fights. but now i feel as if i was a fool. how could i not see he never cared about me in real sense? he was constantly changing. he never stuck to a thought that he loved me or not. he kept me confused. i should have left him long ago but its my foolishness that i wasted so much of my precious time in the hope for one day ... one fine day.

the truth is, either love is or it is not. hope is just satisfying your frustrations and nothing else. so now if anyone asks me about love, i just say, don't hope, don't assume, go ask, know the truth, accept it and move on. don't ever HOPE for a miracle. miracles never happen.

life is very short and very very precious. don't waste it for someone who doesn't cares for you. my problem was that i could not take a heart break, i kept holding its pieces to be back to normal. but now i suggest: LEARN to take a heart break. you will find someone who will truly love you. one can fall in love as many times one can take a heart break.

so don't fear , don't think this is the last time or the last human on the planet earth. there are very nice good genuine honest people out there. trust yourself and believe this was not the one for you. you deserve better: someone who will respect and love you, who will make you feel important.

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Jul 28, 2015
Nice! NEW
by: Korah

I have read your post and I think you are a true believer of God. I am also such a person who deeply believes in God and depend God for taking major decisions in my life. In the case of finding a true lover also. top cloud computing companies

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