by Chantele
(Regina,Saskatchewan, Canada)

I'm in love with a girl and I made the mistake to leave her and she won't take me back. What do I do? I still love her so much ... now I'm depressed. Told my mom I was bi and she said, "Think about it," so I did and I said I'm not bi, but I still love her and I want her back. Help me!

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Feb 01, 2008
Answer to Love
by: Laura Love

You said you left your girlfriend, but you did not tell me why or how it ended, so it's difficult to give an answer without enough information, but I'll tell you this: you can't mess around with other people's hearts: leaving them, then expecting them to take you back again. Maybe your ex-girlfriend doesn't feel that she can trust you now. You're going to have to find out what (and if) you can do something to regain her trust and win her back and even then, you'll have to take things slow. Before you focus on someone else though, I think you should spend some time figuring out how you really feel about your own sexuality and whether you're bi or not. In order to have a healthy relationship, you need to be secure in your own identity.

Jan 01, 2008
I Might Be able to help you
by: Anonymous

Well I have no idea how long ago you asked for help. But if you are still in a difficult position, I may be of some help. First off you need to figure out whether or not you are bi or straight. Because if you truly care about this girl, and are also bi. There is no way you can be happy enough to make her as happy as she may deserve in your heart. But if you truly love this girl, you need to be persistent. And give your all. The best way to getting to a womans heart is by remembering things, her favorite things. If there's a favorite you can remember such as her favorite food, or brand of clothing, or a past memory, get her an item that will remind her of it, and write a little note that show's you remember which shows you care.

Be persistent. Buy her tons of flowers. Do acts of kindness towards her and her friends. Compliments are always nice.

Though most importantly, do not stalk her, don't become overly obsessive, and make sure you ask questions, like how she feels, and what you can do. Make her feel it is her decision, because, it is. If she says no, still get her things, but do not get so involved in her life that it becomes creepy because that's someone you don't want to become.

I hope this helps.

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