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Which are your favorite love quotations and why? Make this page your page by sharing your favorite sayings about love and relationships and how they've inspired you to become a better person.

Words mean nothing unless they're practiced. You can read every inspiring word on this site and stay the same because you've never taken the time to implement what you've learned. If you read a great book and underline a bunch of sentences that inspire you, they mean nothing if you never take the time to apply the wisdom to your life.

So on this page, I invite you to share your favorite love quotation, tell us what it means to you, how you practice it in your life and how it's changed you and your relationships. You can even upload a photo or a short video (simply copy and paste the embed code from your favorite video site). By doing so, you'll be creating your own page on my site which you can share with family and friends and invite them to rate and review.

What a fun way to share your wisdom with the world and create a place where we can learn from each other's experiences.

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Love Quotes Submitted by Others

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it is better 
"it is better to love someone that loves you back, than love someone who doesn't love you at all."

Apology to My Wife 
"To love your wife is not enough. It's showing that you love her that counts." This quote means everything to me. I am not going to get into details …

True Love 
The definition of true love - when everything else around you stops and the only thing that matters is the person standing in front of you.

Love at Work 
How will I become brave enough to show my love by being a loving and loveable person at work?

Success Quote 
Make a habit of making it happen! ~Veronica Staten

What is your favorite love quote? Easy to feel; hard to understand. What does it mean to you? Love is easy to feel ... but you don't quite understand …

A special world for you and me A special bond one cannot see It wraps us up in its cocoon And holds us fiercely in its womb. Its fingers spread like …

Love is Like Chocolate Not rated yet
Love is like Chocolate, you never forget how Sweet it is! It means once you know what love feels like or having been in love before you dont forget …

listen Not rated yet
"...Listen to your heart before telling him good bye..."

true love Not rated yet
"if you truly love someone...they never leave; they remain in you heart forever"

love is unfair Not rated yet
love is unfair: i gave everything that i have to make him feel contented with me, but it's not enough...i risked everything to make him happy with me, …

Til it's gone Not rated yet
They say that you never know what you have till it's gone...that's true because I didn't let go of him...he let me go. YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE …

me and him. Not rated yet
"When I'm with him, it seems as if all my troubles have disappeared and i'm in near heaven...he makes my heart sing and he saves me from the darkness." …

Love Just To Love... Not rated yet
The following quote by Chuck Chamberlin changed my life. “I love you. It’s none of my business what you think of me. It is none of my business. It …

True Love Quote Not rated yet
True love is hard to find, but once you find it, you won't regret it. Get back your lost love

All I Need Not rated yet
All I need in life is to live, laugh, and love.

Think Twice About Love Not rated yet
Think twice before having a relationship or marriage. If it doesn't last, it could be an everlasting pain within you. How to find out for sure if …

The Love of your Life Not rated yet
The day will come when that special someone becomes the love of your life, But don't make them the center of your world That place is for God.

Soul Mates Not rated yet
Your first reaction to someone is the soul's recognition, the way someone makes you feel is the soul's memory of you. Sometimes it's a slight tingle …

Shoot for the Moon Not rated yet
Shoot for the moon... but don't forget all the little stars along the way.

Friendship Poem Not rated yet
Life is full Of surprises Of struggles Of dreams Of tears Of joy I am your friend and I want To share it all with you.

The Heart Amazes Me Not rated yet
I am truly amazed at all the love a heart can hold, all that it can endure, and all that it can give.

I'll Always Love You Not rated yet
I'll always love you baby no matter what, because you are the one who took those broken pieces and knitted me a new heart. I love the way you touch and …

On Love Not rated yet
Love comes in small packages. That's why it can be hard to find.

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Love Takes Time Not rated yet
Love takes time, but time never slows for anyone.

Quote about Laughter  Not rated yet
Quote about Laughter Laugh if you love and love if you laugh. They both feel good and cleanse the soul.

Love Forever Not rated yet
10th grade As I sat there in English class, I stared at the girl next to me. She was my so called "best friend." I stared at her long, silky hair, …

Lonely Love Quote Not rated yet
Love is a team effort, but I'm playing alone in an empty lot. -Jayme Moore

Love Familia Not rated yet
I love my family. They are my everything.

Can't Let Go Not rated yet
Why is it that when you LOVE and CARE for someone so much you can't seem to let them go, no matter how much they push you away? Be yourself and …

Inspiring Love Quotes Not rated yet
Love is like a mountain, hard to climb, but once you get to the top, the view is beautiful.

The Time It Takes to Love Not rated yet
What is your favorite love quote? It takes a minute to find someone special, an hour to appreciate them, a day to love them and a lifetime to forget them. …

What Good is..... Not rated yet
What good is a picture if you don't even look at it? What good is a friend if they don't talk to you? What good is loving someone if they don't even …

Beautiful Love Quote Not rated yet
What is your favorite love quote? As you give love out, it's received and reciprocated--and it grows. That's the beauty of it. Love is an energy. You …

Great Love Quote Not rated yet
What is your favorite love quote? Great indeed is our need to love. ~ Julia Hartwig What does it mean to you? Without being sappy, it means …

Meaningful Love Quote Not rated yet
What is your favorite love quote? I had to learn slowly to open the door just a crack to let love in, maybe just a few seconds at a time. We all do. …

Favorite Love Quote Not rated yet
What is your favorite love quote? Love is like a pot of gold ... hard to have and hard to hold, so when you get it, hold on tight, then you'll know …

Love, love, love Not rated yet
What is your favorite love quote? Love, love, love, makes the world go round! Hate, hate, hate, makes my heart break down. What does it mean to you? …

Every Step  Not rated yet
Every step I've made since the moment I could walk was a step toward finding You ... What does it mean to you? To me it means that I've been searching …

I'm hopelessly in love with you Not rated yet
What is your favorite love quote? "I'm hopelessly in love with you." What does it mean to you? This quote means a lot to me...because I remember …

With You Not rated yet
What is your favorite love quote? With every kiss and every hug You make me fall in love And now I know I can't be the only one I bet there are hearts …

True Love Not rated yet
What is your favorite love quote? "True love does not come by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly. What …

Living Joyfully Not rated yet
What is your favorite love quote? I wake up every morning with a great desire to live joyfully. ~ Alexandra Stoddard What does it mean to you? …

True Happiness Not rated yet
What is your favorite love quote? True happiness is an acceptance of life as it is given to us, with its diminishment, mystery, uncontrollability, and …

Love is Knowing Yourself Not rated yet
What is your favorite love quote? So knowing who you are is a very practical necessity. The question "Who am I?" is not a philosophical football meant …

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