Lucky Relationship

by Lacey

One day back in the summer, my friend Kayla called me very early in the morning to see if I wanted to go to a concert with her. My first thought was that I really didn't want to go because I barely knew Kayla then.

Then when I told my mother about it, she replied, "You should go, it sounds fun." So I said I would. When we got there, I saw thousands of people. Then Kayla and I met some people that had gone to our school. We hung out with them the whole night.
We had fun. One of the people we met from our school was a boy named Cole. He talked to Kayla a lot more than me. Kayla and I had to go find her parents. So before we left the boys, we got their number to keep up with them. Cole gave his number to me, because Kayla's phone was dead, otherwise he'd have probably given it to her. He also asked for my number.

Later that night, after the concert was over, he texted me. Then the shock of my life happened: he asked me out at 11:11 that night, and I said "Yes!"

We have been together for a year and 3 months and are happy. It's just weird because I wasn't even going to go. It's amazing :)

Lacey, 15

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