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Our making love poem collection is music in motion, the sweet anticipation, senses on fire, the caressing and nurturing of the physical being. Nothing in life approaches the sheer ecstasy or romance of making love with someone that you trust.

In many of the quotes below, you will find a love making tip, an observation about what the process is all about and how you can engage yourself more fully in its wonder. Honor this aspect of your life by drinking in the truth and beauty of the words below.

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My own view, for what it's worth, is that
sexuality is lovely, there cannot be too
much of it.

~Paul Goodman

The absolute yearning of one human
body for another particular one . . .
is one of life's major mysteries.

~Iris Murdoch

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Drive him wild with Blow by Blow ... The Art of Oral Sex.

The mind can also be an errogenous zone.

~Raquel Welch

Love Making Quote

Lover's re-create the world.

~Carter Heyward

The highest level of sexual excitement
is in a monogamous relationship.

~Warren Beatty

Understand that sexuality is as wide as
the sea.

~Derek Jarman

Tired of the same old same old—the dinner and movie date? 300 Fun Date Ideas that will spice up your relationship and keep your love alive.

Sex is a conversation carried out by other

~Peter Ustinov

Sex is hardly ever just about sex.

~Shirley MacLaine

The flesh is suffused by the spirit ...

~May Sarton

Truly, a little love-making is a very
pleasant thing.

~L.E. Landon

Being a sex symbol has to do with an
attitude, not looks. Most men think it's
looks; most women know otherwise.

~Kathleen Turner

How wonderful sex can be ... LIke sunshine
through and through one!"

~D.H. Lawrence

There is nothing safe about sex. There
never will be.

~Norman Mailer

Sex is between the ears as well as between
the legs.


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