Me and My Best Friend

In grade ECS-3 my best guy friend always said he had a major crush on me but then my best girl friend started dating him and he kinda stopped liking me. During this time i realized how nice, cute funny and extremely hot he was! They kept breaking up and dating and it started to get on my nerves that she didnt even appreciate that she had such a nice boyfriend!

This year i am in grade 7 and I still like him. One night I was texting him and he said he really liked me but didnt want to date cuz it could mess up our friendship. Even though I agreed I really wanted to date him! He always said he liked me and everything but never asked me out and it drove me nuts!

Not very long ago we had the first junior high dance of the year and I didn't have a date. I didn't feel too bad about it though because only one or two people did. I had so much fun with my friends and we all danced in a big group most of the time and most of the songs were rock so there wasn't much slow dancing but when those songs did come up I would usually go to the side with one or two of my friends while the song played. As it reached the end of the dance another slow song played and I went to the side with one of my besties. Then my extremley outgoing friend came over with him. She said he wanted to dance with me and she drug me to my feet and wouldnt leave me alone until i finally put my hands on his shoulders and started slow dancing. It was alot of fun!

Later on that night he texted me and told me he had an awesome time dancing with me. I was so happy! Then he asked if I would go with him to the next dance so then we could dance more!!! Now I am so happy to call this wondeful, nice, hot, generous guy my boyfriend! :)

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