Mean Wife

I married my wife 12 long years ago, I have been through so much with her, first cheating, then it's I'm lazy, then it's cheating again. then it's, I spend too much time at work. Then when I don't have a job I don't try to find one, when I was going to school, she would say I needed to find a job.

I understand that bills pile up and I understand that there is a lot of pressure on her. Really though, is it reason to continually nag about such things when I'm actually trying to find a job and I'm actually doing what I can around the house to make her life easier?

I am at my wits end, I cannot take anymore of her rantings and ravings over things I cannot change. I will continue to look for work and I will look for work that requires travel the majority of the time. I have no reason to come home anymore, I have no reason to be subjected to venomous tongue.

I've gotten to the point where I just want out to get away from her. She tells me she doesn't love me, she says she hates me, and then she apologizes and tells me she loves me, only to continue the same cycle in a couple of days or if I'm lucky a week.

I am not the only one who notices this, sometimes the kids will say something to her. When I try to point out that she is either being mean or unreasonable, tells me that I'm mean and the reason why she is mean is because I'm mean.

I am no saint, I have been gotten tired of what she does to me and I respond with cursing and name calling. I haven't the patience for her garbage anymore!

At one time I believed I could love her no matter what, now I question why I stay with her.

Her wit at first was funny, but when she turns that wit against you it is not so funny, because when it's directed towards me in a way to say I'm a cheater, liar, flirt, lazy, lame, mean, ugly, stupid or useless. I have begun to use this terminology to refer to her now and I'm becoming even more scathing with my retaliations. I need relief from her, I need relief from my own thoughts about what I am becoming. I just don't think she is worth the trouble anymore.

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