memories: so difficult to forget.

by reina czarina

we have known each other since first year high school. his name is yuji. at first, i seldom talked to him even if we were classmates. i didn't pay much attention to him. for me, he was just an ordinary classmate.

but i heard news from my other classmate that he had a crush on me. the moment i heard that news, i waited for him to tell if it is true. but, unlike other guys out there, he is different. he never even opened the topic to me even if i always asked him who his crush is.

a year has passed and i still haven't proved if the rumor was true. when we reached the third year, yuji asked for my cellphone number from my friend and texted me. then he confessed his feelings to me. i wasn't very surprised to know that 'cause my other classmates always told me that the rumor is true. as time passed by, we became close friends; in text. but inside the classroom, he was just too shy to talk to me.

then, rose, my friend had spread the news to all of my classmates. that's why even the teachers heard it; and they always teased us. because of those teasing, yuji soon got the guts to talk to me and act like as if we were just texting. there were so many memories of us together during my high school days. an example was during our christmas party, our adviser partnered us together in the newspaper dance. in the end, we won. i'm so happy. and we won 'cause he lifted me up like a princess. it's the first time that i have been lifted by a boy that way.

there were also many first times that happened between us: first dance, first duet, first holding hands, my first gift of chocolates and bouquet of flowers, and also, my first teddy bear. when third year was about to end, the whole class had us WED! there was a priest, sacristans and the godmothers and godfathers. my best friend was holding both my arms so that i won't escape or run when the wedding ceremony was happening.

yuji had both arms secured too. i really can't escape that time cause my friend held my arms tightly. the two people holding our arms were the one who said "i do". i had mixed feelings about it that time. i didn't know if i were supposed to be happy or humiliated 'cause i was still looking for my true feelings for him that time.

but i know that someday, i will find the answers to my questions. but this time, i just have to wait for the right time to come. the right time for us to know if we are really meant for each other.

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Sep 06, 2015
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Jun 14, 2015
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by: stella

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