Midnite Madness

by The Earl
(Killeen, Texas, USA)

ColorBlind Wolrd

ColorBlind Wolrd

The silence rolls in from everywhere

As I turn my attention to the sky & stare
The flashing, twinkling lights near and far
Have me wondering where you are
Won't you play with me please?
Let me be your infectious disease
Til you can't do without these...
These kisses, silent as the night
Words of passion carrying a bear's might
Time filled full of memories you've never seen or had
Devotion unlike any other, making sure everyday you're glad
Glad I'm yours & yours alone
If I can't see you face-to-face you'll hear me on the phone
So even when I'm on my grind
You best believe I'm coming up with new ways to keep your hear beating triple time
Til I exhale with you again, my warm breath rolling down your neck, I confess
I have to be strong and do my best
Til the chill of the wind no longer touches my core,
Whispers of sweet nothings telling me what's in store
The sounds of the waves crashing against the shore--
Remind me to give myself to you 10 times and more
So every night before I rest
I pray to my savior that it is you who are blessed.

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