Military boyfriend who says one thing but means another

by Alissa

Ok, so my boyfriend just recently got out of the marine corps, but I started dating him when he was still in. We have been only dating for 4 months. We met and hit it off. Basically me and him were together after texting each other.

The first time I met him he was on leave for the weekend. Things were going good. After talking so much he was telling me he is falling for me and wants to marry me. I actually felt the same. So we were together then, saying I love you after each phone call.

Then out of nowhere he said he cant do this its too hard. I kept telling him he is almost out. He pretty much ended it for like 20 min and called up saying he is sorry. Then when we talked it out he wanted me to go to his house because he was going to be coming up to nyc for fleet week. So, I took the train to his house. Then after 2 days I was heading back because I had to get more things before he was in Ny.

I got back home and he called me up dumping me. I was heart broken I really love him. I tried talking to him. Didnt work. so i just didnt answer his calls and messages.

Then one message said that please pick up the phone I am trying to make up with you. We talked it out and he was saying he is sorry, its just he hates it down there not being with me. So the next day i went back, and we got to see him in nyc but only for a day.

Once he went back on base in nc i was still here at his place. we would talk and talk on the phone and he would ask do I wanna live with him and i said i do.

It was getting closer for him to come home. He wanted me to come down to nc with his gmom to pick him up. so i did the day b4 we were leaving to come home he broke up with me again saying to sleep in his gmoms bed an dnot in his. Then i did and he told me to come into his bed and lay with him so i did.

Then when we were leaving to come home he was saying where do you want to get dropped off at home or you parents house? i didnt answer because the plan was to go back to his place and then he would come with me to my place and get my things to move in.

the whole drive home i was upset but then i was like we never broke up. Now that were home its been like a month since we got back and all he has been doing is breking up with me telling me he is joking, having sex with me after i tell him i want to be serious and not have everything be sexual.

he said he understood but still continues. He also gets angry and pissed very easily. If i wouldnt do a certain sexual thing he wanted he would say your ridiculous, your pissing me off, im done and walks away. I would stay in the room and he would come in and lay on top of me saying sorry this and that and make up with me.

I keep having a talk but it doesn't seem to work because every time we get close he always does something sexual and i said i dont want everything to be sexual, and that i want to be serious and treat me with respect and talk to me. He keeps doing this over and over again.

I just dont know what to do i basically live here but today like he said im too much drama because he had my phone and this girl i used to be friends with was trying to be my friend again and he was texting her acting as if it was me and it wasnt, asking what mistakes i made. And said im too much, im drama and really im not he said we were done and this was in the mall.

so we left the mall with his gmom and got back home and he was watching tv and i was packing my bags. he came into room after his brother saw me packing and asked him whats going on shes packing and he actually doesnt like me, idk why. but he told his bro nothing is going on.

after his brother left he came in and tried talking to me. We are back but i feel like he doesnt listen to anything i say.i love him and he says he lovs me but i dont know what to do?? im afraid to find a job here and then he really breaks up with me. i mean im 20 and have had past relationshps but nothing like this.

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Jul 14, 2011
Life goes on
by: Anonymous

Well I know life goes on. The easier you can accept change the better you will fare in all situations.

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