Misfortune Dance

by Vanessa Pedro
(Pasay City, Manila, Philippines)

I suddenly realized how my luck turns to misfortune when it comes to the Field Demo dances in our school. It's the only time the boys and girls got together in the school. It's every year and hell, my Freshman year was something unbearable.

The theme was something about Four Elements. The Sophomores up to the Seniors were doing some cool dances while us, the freshman, were doing something native and traditional. The teachers settled for fire, water, air, and earth.

I was on the water group and was grouped with some boys too. My partner was some smart kid and he's quiet most of the time. But then this guy came, he seems to be in-charge for the water group and from the moment he asked my name, he started teasing me for 3 or 4 weeks that we practiced. He kept saying to his classmates how gorgeous I am. One time, when we were out in the streets to go to the gym, he shouted to the whole world that I'm the most beautiful woman he ever met. Trust me, you wouldn't want to know the others.

Then Sophomore year came. The two of us will meet 'coincidentally' and he would always find a way to tease me. I always did the usual: ignore him. The Field Demo came again and I'm glad that I'm not partnered with him. Instead, I got partnered with this lovesick guy who is the ex of my classmate. He hits on me and I just well, ignore him. He texts me but I won't reply.

The dance is a folk dance with flirtations. I mean, I can't even smile at the guy! He walks and talks to his friends and you know what? He makes fun of me. I just knew it. Then my classmate, the ex, told me to just ignore him. If I can't ignore him, I should just tell him off.

Oh well, the dance ended alright. Even though we were in the middle of the dance floor. I'm going to be a Junior this school year and I hope to God that I will be partnered with some nice guy especially for the prom. Hell, I would want a gay than a guy.

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