Missing You Love Quotes - On Long Distance Relationships and the Loss of Love

Missing You Love Quotes ...

Missing You Love Quotes - are you and your lover in a long distance relationship or do you have a hole in your heart from a lover who has ended your relationship? No matter what your situation, you are missing that connection. At times like this, it helps to read the words of others who feel as you do, so you can attune to your feelings and then let them go. It also helps to know you are not alone. Let the wisdom below touch your heart and the depths of your yearning for the person you love and miss.

~ Laura Ramirez

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Where you used to be,
there's a hole in the world,
which I find myself constantly
walking around in the daytime,
and falling into at night. I miss
you like hell.

~ Edna St. Vincent Millay

Missing You Love Quotes

Broken hearts die slowly.

~ Thomas Campbell


missing you love quotes

While missing you love quotes will help to connect you with your feelings, use this time to learn the secrets of

blissful, long lasting relationships, so when love or your lover returns, your relationship will be that much stronger.

Our hours in love have wings;
in absence, crutches.

~ Colley Cibber

Parting is all we know of heaven.
And all we need of hell.

~ Emily Dickinson

This is the sad bed
of chosen chastity
because you are miles
& mountains away.

~ Erica Jong

The day breaks not,
it is my heart.

~ John Donne

Your absence has not taught
me to be alone, it merely has
shown that when together we
cast a single shadow on the wall.

~ Doug Fetherling

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