Monochrome Love

by Marlynda
(Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia)

The first time we both met, I felt like punching him right on the face because he snatched the phone while I was talking to my mother. He gave it back and smiled at me. The anger died down and was replaced with a new feeling... I fell for his smile at first and I asked my friend about him.

His name was 'Amery' and it was said that he was a perv. I never believed it because it appears to be impossible. He looks nice and sweet but in the end, he is a perv... not a psycho perv but just as a super dirty talker. In the end, I told him my feelings but he rejected me because he has a girlfriend. I felt like the whole world was crashing down on me... But, ifs funny that even if someone hurts us, we still can love them. I never gave up on him.

The rejection made me grew stronger each and every day. I waited for him at his class. The first few weeks he never entertained me but then, time heals it all and we got closer until I forget that he has a girlfriend. During the school's Teacher's Day celebration, he told me that they broke up and I was shocked. But the future was still dark for me to see. I couldn't see what we are because he have never declared our relationship. I still held onto him because I found that waiting for him would lead me to something. We got closer and closer each day that we would have to spend it together. I made those days as if there were no tomorrows.

8 months has passed and our relationship was still a mystery. He hugged me, he kissed my cheeks, he held my hands, he wasted his time with me. He never treated any girl like that including his girlfriend. It was until one day all my doubts faded away when he 'french-kissed' me on that Monday. I was speechless and he was passionate about it. What I knew was that he was always gentle towards me and was always kind towards me. But, even if we were to love each other, there were always obstacles. What we were can't let us be together. He was different and so was I. It was like black and white, angel and devil... I kept myself strong for him. He gave me those sweet words and loved me but I doubted our future. We can't be together in the future. I know my mother wouldn't accept him. That's why I named this story 'Monochrome Love'. We're in the same school... Just the difference is that what we believe in and that's what made me believe that my mother wouldn't accept him. But, since we're still together, I will never let him go.

But, like what I said... he never declared what we were. He had no other girl but me. I was always by his side. It was just last Thursday the school celebrated Japanese Festival and Amery is from Japanese class. We wasted time together happily although I had a fight with my friend. She was trying to separate us but she wouldn't succeed. We kissed on that day and so was the day after. We enjoyed our time as if there's no tomorrow.

Still, our love is a 'Monochrome Love'. We want be together but we can't... and our relationship still remains a mystery.

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