More Than Friends

by akshay

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More Than Friends

I am in desperate need of advice. I am just 16 years old and since 3 years, I have been studying in a tuition. I have a group friends in which there are 2 girls and 4 boys including me. So this is the background.

One of the girls is in the same school as me and we have been in the same class since 6th grade (now i am in 11th grade) and she's a like sister to me and we are very good friends and the other one is a very good friend of mine (actually the best friend I have).

One week ago, the tuition only taught till the 10th, so it was the last day and that night I realized that I love the other girl and couldn't stop thinking about her. I called her a few times but not too much since I didn't want to bug her. I thought that I was just not ready to not be friends with her so I stopped calling.

When I met with her sometime after that, I tried to ignore her, but she came to me to talk. I thought that I only needed time to get over her, but here I am and I still can't stop thinking about her. WHAT SHOULD I DO? Please ...

Also here are some of the incidents which have confused me:


We used to sit at table and chair placed behind each other and she was sitting in front of me. As the chairs do not have back support, we pull the table behind us and get back support and a common joke is that when you are writing, you pull your table towards you and the person sitting in front pulls the table in front so one of them says, "Take the table home with you." This was coined by her but that time she said "Take the table as dhaej" which in hindi means the gift the girls family gives after marriage, which was strange.


we were studying about women movement groups she said to me as a women group could be kamasutra , well she said it innocently(acting as if she didn't know its meaning) but still and i told her it meant something else and explained so told me not to tell it to some one else.


we were all (the whole group) talking about having a boyfriend/girlfriend and her opinion was that everyone should be friends not anything more than friends.


When we met after the tuition was over, we were three people: her, my other friend (who's like my sis) and me. We were talking about someone else's girlfriend and she said playfully, "What do you know about girls as if you've had a girlfriend?"
(She knew about my girlfriend. She and my girlfriend had a fight. I left my girlfriend because I trusted her more.)

These events are in order of occurrence. I have not talked to her since and she does not have a personal mobile, so she's given me her mom's number so I call her mom to talk to her. Do you think this means something?

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