My Head was Stuck in the Clouds

by Stephey May

My head was stuck in the clouds,

Defending your every mistake,
My feelings for you
Were too deep to shake.

I pushed away the skeptics,
Thought in my heart it would last,
Forgot about all the mistakes you made in the past.

Reality never sank in til I had no choice
But to open my eyes, snap out of my dream world what a surprise.

Reality came and I realized all your lies.
So I let you toss me down
and because you're smooth talking,
kept you around.

But now I can see what I should have known all along:

I might of been weak, but I've changed and now I am strong.
So thanks for being there, to teach me my mistake.

Really it's all right,
"If you're pushing away reality,
You're living a fake life."

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