My love story <3

by Ashley

Well, its July 14th 12:01 AM. I really want to tell you guys my love story (:

I like this guy, a lot. He is so perfect in every way. I have recently over the past few years gone through some harder times with guys. Pressuring me into doing things. (don't worry, no sex or anything to do with drugs or drinking; I DON'T do that.) I don't think its anything that anyone would understand. I have known this guy for about 2 years. We haven't ever really thought of each other as we do now because hes a year older then me and we would only see each other in the halls. He was dating one of my best friends during the school year. They ended up having some problems and just didn't work out. At the same time, i was dating other people and always kinda knew there was a connection with us, I could see it in his eyes. After the school year was over and I had finally gotten out of that bad relationship, I messaged him on face book. It all started with just a simple, "hey! (:" that was all it took. The minute that we started actually talking to each other, we couldn't stand going a day without it!
See, my parents are REALLY strict. I cant date or anything. That's what they think. When its during school its so much easier because they aren't there. During the summer, its different. But i was biking all day with one of my friends that was his NEIGHBOR. It was the one time that i thought that i could get away with hanging out with him. parents caught us. Yeah, it was bad. He had to come and meet my mom at her WORK and everything. I thought he wouldn't ever want to talk to me again. When he left that day, I knew something wrong was going to happen. I didn't text him because i didn't want to seem to strong ESPECIALLY after all that happened that day..
Later that night i had went on face book. I looked at the news thing and saw that he had set his status as "Had an amazing day with her, finally got to be with her!" I was so excited! I was so glad that he still liked me after all of that! We are SO close now.
The thing is, he hasn't even asked me out yet. And I already know I love him. =/ This is scary and i DO NOT want to be the one to tell him. Its different when a girl says it to a guy first because the guys sometimes don't know what they want or it's to fast. I think it's to fast for him right now. I just think things are so perfect with us right now. Nothing can ever come between us.

I am honestly falling so hard for him but when i finally get to that place, ill be in his arms <3

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