My Pursuit for Mr. Right

by Carmecille Tamayo

Fairly smart. Someone whom I can talk to about anything and everything under the moon and still smile because I know I can live with it until sunrise.

Strong and determined. Someone I can lean on to when I want to be just somebody weak and brittle. Someone who can tame that wildness in me.

Aggressive and Firm. Someone who can say no to my wishes just because he knows it would be best for me to get hurt and learn from my mistakes.

Protective and soothing. Someone who has the heart as soft as a feather to take care of me and love me like no other.

Silent and patient. Someone who can live with my blabbering as if it's the sweetest music he ever heard.

This was how I imagined my man to be ... Being young and addicted to romantic nothings printed in books, I fell in love with the love I wished to have. I made a choice not to settle for less. That was when I was young and dreamy.

Seven years had passed. For those people who know me, they would know that I was not so lucky in finding Mr. Imaginary. I was swept off my feet by the wrong knights, I kissed the wrong frogs, and I loved for all the wrong reasons.

Partly, somehow I think it is because that dreamy child in me still longs for that imaginary man I loved when I was that kiddo in my pony tail.

Experience has taught me well. Love does not exist in books, happy endings won't happen overnight, and wishes won't come true with just one wave of a fairy's wand.

I may not be old enough but I'm not young after all. Still, my pursuit for that one true love continues... And when he comes, I'll open the door of my heart, smile and say, "I have long been waiting for you."

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