My Sad Love Quotes

by Hitomi Sunahira

Afraid You'll Be Single Forever

My Sad Love Quotes

"No one can make me smile like the way you do."

"I love you and that's all that matters."

"He may not be the most handsome guy on earth, but he's the one who I hold dearly and no one can change that."

"I just wanna feel your lips pressing against mine."

"You took away the only thing that held my heart together after so many heartbreaks. Now it's in pieces again."

"You don't know how long I've been waiting for the day you would realize that you love me."

"You don't know how much I'm missing you."

"Letting go is hard, but forgetting all our memories is even harder."

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"How can I forget you when all I ever think about is us."

"How long are you gonna make me wait for you? It's been years...are you telling me you're that dense?"

"Loving someone isn't easy, is it?"

"Everything seems like a colorless picture just waiting to be filled with life."

"I may not be the most beautiful girl the world, but I can be the girl you will never regret meeting."

"I'd rather sit in my room and console in the blades that are covered in my blood than to see the girl I hate the most with the guy I wish was mine."

"It hurts to lose someone you love, especially when another person comes in their life and replaces you."

"Whenever we're together, I feel as if time has stopped. But now that you're with her, I feel as if it all ended just a little too fast."

"Your warm smile overwhelms me."

"You're everything I want, everything I need."

"Those times when we didn't get along are the times I miss the most."

~Margot Antivola~

"I thought you loved me but you just broke my heart."


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"I wish you would just disappear before I breakdown again."

"You told me the WORDS I wanted to hear, but in the end, they were all just LIES..."

"I just don't UNDERSTAND. It HURTS so much...I feel like BREAKING heart YEARNS for another but it LONGS to be with you. It's weird, isn't it? But I think it's because I'm in LOVE with you."


"Go ahead and LAUGH. I know I'm the IDIOT who BELIEVED in all your LIES."

"You left me all alone and now you want me back? JERK..."

"When you needed me, I was there for you, but when I needed you, you were gone."


"Love is blind and it makes you stupid."

~Carl Mallari~

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*Most of these quotes were written by me. Although, I wouldn't know if the others might seem similar to a famous person's quote. But I promise! No copyright infringement intended if I did have a quote here that wasn't mine! But if I know the author I will gladly put in their name. :)*

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Jun 25, 2015
Really sad!!!!! NEW
by: Justin

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