My sister's jealous ex boyfriend

My sister was with this guy for about two years. And he was a total jerk. He was all emotional and always made her feel like she was crap. Every night I would go by her room and i would hear her cry. I wanted so badly to go in there and just take the phone and snap on him, but instead I just walked on by. I told her time and time again that he wasn't the one for her but she was in denial saying she loves him so much.

Finally much to my surprise she decided to tell me all what was going on. She said that she and him were disagreeing on the matter on church(my dad is a pastor) and he said that he wasn't going to church because God wasn't for him. Finally my sister snapped her lid. She broke up with him and said I'm done with you. You don't have a life. You dropped out of college, don't have a license, and a car, and all you do is smoke and work. I'm done. I was so thankful that she did that.

Then maybe a week later she started dating a new guy and he was like 1000000000000 times better than the old guy. He was the perfect gentleman.(still is). The I found a picture of my sister and her new boyfriend on Facebook with the words I AIN'T EVEN MAD written on it. It was on her old boyfriend's profile. What made me even more mad was that people were liking it and calling her a whore and all that.

So I decided that he needed a little talking to so I sent him the message 'Jealous much?' He told me 'Whatever'. I said if I ever see you again I will call up my sister's boyfriend and he can listen to you talk crap on him and he is about 2 times your height and much bigger than you and also tell my dad what you have been saying about my sister and my uncle who is a cop who also has a Taser.

Let's just say that he said he will delete the picture on Facebook. In the end he made himself look immature and foolish and my sister look amazing. Needless to say that no matter what sooner or later God will cut you down.

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