My Sweet Accident

by Nicole Mud

Well it's not much of a story but it all started at my high school retreat up in Sharptop Mountain. I was (and still am) a sophomore in high school. He and his friends were joking around and they were being "partnered" with the people that they thought were hot(yahhh.. stupid). I didn't know him at the time but the second or third day we were there, his best friend came up to me and said "Hey! Do you know ......?" and of course I said no. And he goes on to tell me that my future boyfriend who I had no clue existed said that he thought I was the most beautiful thing ever, and he thinks he's in love with me.

I could understand that considering he loved Clemson and so did I, and weeks before we talked about a football game on Facebook but I forgot about it. We were in a huge crowd of people; somehow my boy saw his best friend talking to me and when he did...HE RAN! After that, when we got back, he would say hi to me in the hallway like a little 6 year old afraid of girls, hiding behind his friends, as if i had cooties or something. By about a couple weeks later, I thought about possibly giving him a chance after going with some of his friends to go play manhunt and nothing clicked yet because I felt like I was being pressured to like him because all of his friends were of course saying the typical "y'all would be cuties together" and "awwwww go out with him".

But after the manhunt night, one of his friends said "girl...he was so shy...that's not like him...there's something different about you that I believe he likes a lot, I believe its' love".

And after then on I talked to him more and more and more and fell in what I call love. I say love but hey what else can i call it? He's my sweet accident.

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