My sweet story :)

by Ananya Tripathi
(Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India)

I have known this guy for the last 9-10 months and I am seriously addicted to him. I like him a lot. I have been praying to God that I get him. He is in grade 12th and I am in grade 11. This means that he'll be leaving this college next year.

But I want to be with him forever. I dunno about his feelings for me. I think he has started liking me a bit. His friend has assured me that he'll make us a couple.

I have promised to my friends that the the day we become one, I'll throw a grand party. I have started collecting money. I am waiting for this day. My friends call me Nano, and we call him Smiley because of his awesome smile :). My desk has been scribbled with "Nano Smiley".

I like him a lot. I chant the Maha Mrityunjay Mantra for him every morning and evening. I have never been religious before this, but at this time I am. I never forget to pray for him. As soon as I wake up, the thing that strikes my mind is that I have to pray fro him.

The second he comes in front of me, my mind stops working. I myself dunno what am I doing at that time. I have never been able to look into his eyes. I feel so shy. M heart beats like a drum. My friends start coughing and calling out my name "Nano, Nanoo, Smiley is calling you". I am like "oh Gawd!!" I never mind it because they are my friends.

And the thing that embarrasses me is that whenever I pass by our common friends, they too tease me. I get so embarrassed. But I never miss coming to the school, just to see him!

I am serious for him, I really want him to be with me! I have his all the pics saved in my laptop and my email draft. I write in my email draft how many times I see him in a day and what he was doing that moment. I have seen his every pic and video. I am the first one to see his latest pics or recent activiites on Facebook. I am on his profile all the time.

I have faith in God, God is still alive and he will surely give me my Smiley.

My friends support me a lot, they understand my feelings. I have tears in my eyes when I think of his farewell. I fear a lot in losing him. Each day is bringing me close to his farewell. Things would change after he leaves.

No teasing, no blushing, no comments by his and my common friends, no drumming of my heart on seeing him, no craze to come to school.

It would be just that I won't be physically seeing him, but he would be always present in my heart.

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Jun 01, 2015
Let It Go!! NEW
by: Dennis Tanning

I have heard this from a lot of people. This is the problem with everyone. They actually do not say how much they dementia care specialists love someone. But one they lose them they are all but tears and stuff.

Mar 20, 2015
Reply NEW
by: Anonymous

If you really like him, then you should tell him before it is too late. When he goes to college, he is going to see a lot of girls there. Once he finds a good one, then you might miss him forever. how to speed up my computer

Apr 22, 2013
True love
by: Sammy

I have known and loved my K. L. for 4 years. I am her Sammy Ray. We live in separate places because she has teenage sons. I live across town in my apartment. We have gone at this slowly and carefully because there are 5 sons involved, her 2 teens from a 15 year marriage gone bad, my 2 sons who are adults from a 20 year marriage that cratered when I was sick and in the hospital with a brain injury. My wife at the time had an affair with a coworker while I was in the hospital. I fell for my nurse. K.L. was ending a 15 year marriage and was miserable.

When we have our weekends together it is torrid. We shower, then get into bed where we stay there for the whole time Thursday thru Monday morning. Joint custody schedule puts us together every 1st 3rd and 5th weekends. I am 65, she is 45 and it is unimaginably hot. We get naked together, shower, get in bed and watch some TV and then make love until the sun comes up. Ain't that some shit?

Feb 11, 2012
no guts no glory
by: Anonymous

I have a similar story. He's leaving next month and I don't know what to do. I planned on telling him how I feel, but, I don't know how. He's a great guy. He puts his studies first, he never entertains the thoughts of having a "girlfriend". My friends tell me it's a mutual understanding 'cuz they say that they see how he acts when he's around me. Should I tell him or not? :(

Apr 06, 2011
loved your love....
by: divya priya

i too had such an experience.
he was my classmate. we studied together.
i too feared of losing him after my farewell but god is great. he proposed me n said him yes after 2 years when i was in grade 12th. the most beautiful thing is now happening that now he is my soulmate.
i love him and thanx god for his kindness for giving such a wonderful and loving guy for me to is loving me 24*7.

Feb 11, 2011
same pinch
by: Anonymous

yeah lol we are just friends! :P
i dunno whether he has a gf or not but I am dead sure he won't tell me cause he knows that i like him a lot!
well i think he likes a gurl and m sure that that lucky girl isn't me!
The worst comes when that @$%^% comes in front of him and I find him looking at her! urrgghhh!! it's just unbearable!
my bad luck!

Feb 10, 2011
by: Anonymous

ohmgs i really love this story, im glad someone shares a similar story to me :D
cos im put in the same position =/
i know how you feel .
you should tell himm
and worse comes the worse you will still have him as a friend right?
i mean dont risk a friendship for a relationship which ends up as enemies
though yours is better then mind cos later some girl came and wreck it all =/ and now his got a gf but yeah GO FOR IT :)
i mean what i did to mind was i kept saying hi and i gave him hugs even though we never talk LOL.
pretty random but hey as long as he notices me then tis alright though his gone now which sucks and whats gay is valentines coming up and too bad his got a gf

Feb 05, 2011
Bad Luck
by: Anonymous

I did :(
but the answer was No :'(
My bad luck!!

Feb 02, 2011
Tell him
by: Christy

I think you should tell him how you feel.It seems to me like you are deeply in love with this guy and you should tell him how you feel:)Good Luck!!!

Jan 03, 2011
by: Himmy

It's all my God's decision.. Even If Nano doesn't get her Smiley that means someone surely is better than him for her :)

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